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<span>Meet in our</span> Confrence room

Meet in our Confrence room

Conference room

We are the ideal location for inspiration, creativity, action, relaxation and tranquility.
 Our conference room offers modern equipment, natural light, private terrace, good parking possibilities and can accommodate up to 12 people.
The ideal location which provides sea, beach and dunes during a break / session or catering. The hotel offers catering services from vitality breaks to private dining.

We are always happy to create custom programme at a fair price.

All our packages are Include:

  • Coffee / tea / ice water / hand fruit
  • flip-over/ blocnote/ pennen
  • Beamer / multimedia flat screen TV (which be used as a projection screen)
  • Sandwiches lunch with fresh salads and a hot item

half-day package Euro P.P
8-hour package
24-hour package
32-hour package

For several days we expand the catering arrangements with:

  • 3-course plate service dinner or buffet service
  • Delicious breakfast